Gwalior Smart City


'Tech Challenge 1.0' - 2020

A Technology based solution Providing Competetition for gwalior Distict
Rewards worth


Winners of the Tech Challenge

1st Prize Winner ( 50,000)

Mr Lakshya Jain

Project Details : Proposal for Drainage Cleaner

Model proposed of a robot controlled by Bluetooth. This robot will cut blockages with front drill and brush will loosen slit. The adjustable side brushes work on walls of the drains, and destroy mosquito eggs The back scrapper will collect all the dirt, slit and garbage in its bag. Bag is detachable as per requirement.

1st Prize Winner ( 50,000)

Mr. Falit Goyal

Project Details : " Development of E charging stations "

" E charging Stations Specifications IoT-enabled Web Based Central Dashboard (CMS) for monitoring all charging station , universal to wheelers Compact Plug-N-Play Design with Easy installation process Safe and Secure EV Charging with Inbuilt Energy Meter for tracking energy consumption "

2nd Prize Winner ( 30,000)

Ms Shreya Shivpuri

Project Details : Managing E waste

" Collection of E-waste and Conduction of an E-waste disposal drive every 6 months Manage the E-waste for further dumping processes whilst using Different Technology "

2nd Prize Winner ( 30,000)

Ms Poonam Niranjan

Project Details : Use of Paddy straw and unfollowing Parali process

" "Use of Parali (Paddy straw) as an organic manure in mushroom cultivation because of its high silica content instead of burning. "

3rd Prize Winner ( 20,000)

Sandharniyata Anuchar

Project Details : "Energy Generating Bicycle Corridors with Piezo electirc Tiles"

" Piezo electirc Tiles Usage to generate electricity to support street lights results further in reduction of cost in street light infrastructure and electricity consumption.

3rd Prize Winner ( 20,000)

Mr Akash Nigam

Project Details : Implementing, Monitoring and Maintaining Tracking System for Solid Waste Management Vehicles.

" GPS Tracker to Track Garbage vehicles speed and assigned lane , Push notifications to Individuals when Vehicle is 2km away and to supervisor on any violation. Integration of Dashboard and Transportation with Monitoring of dashboard 24*7center Integration with Gwalior Smart City Application