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About Us

Dream Hatcher is a joint initiative of Gwalior Smart City Ltd., All India Institute of Local Self Government, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Innovior and Mobilepedia for catalyzing entrepreneurship culture in India. Developed for all young and passionate budding entrepreneurs, dream hatcher works towards incubating & igniting startups, eventually giving wings to entrepreneurial journey of young individuals. Dream hatchers has taken the initiative to provide entrepreneurs and startups their own co-working space for developing their ideas into real world products. Dream Hatcher is not just anincubation center. It’s a community of pro-active entrepreneurs with ambitious dreams. A dream of a bright future. A dream of a successful life. And we, at Dream Hatcher, provide our startups with all the necessary tools and guidance to convert dreams into actions.



Professional Services (Technical/Leagal/Financial)

Assistance in Intellectual Property Rights

Networking Support

Training and Bootcamping

Assistance in Company Registration


Co working/Office space

High Speed Internet

Modern Meeting Rooms


Our Services

Technology Innovation

Gwalior Incubation Center supports and engages in innovative new ventures or with individuals to operate in the organised economy to get higher returns from operating in the official economy (e.g. by partnering with financial institutions and co-operating with established firms).Technology Innovation can harness the capabilities of innovative young entrepreneurs for developing groundbreaking ideas.It contributes to higher levels of economic output and can deliver new goods and services that change human lives and capabilities. Entrepreneurs need an edge to survive and stand out. Innovation can provide that edge boosting your productivity, growth and profitability.Through technology innovation, we tend to promote aspiring entrepreneur by providing them infrastructure, support, guidance and mentorship for constructing their ideas into real world applications at our Incubation Center.

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Product Design & Manufacture

The way products are designed and manufactured is shifting rapidly and in the world of startups only the best product can survive.We can provide you with the right tools selected by our experts to carter the need of entrepreneurs during each step of product design and development. We will help you to bring out your ideas to life and make them the best they can be.While working with the Gwalior Incubation center you will find a dedicated team of experienced designers and experts who focus on the conceptual designs and creative concepts that transform innovative ideas into successful products. The design team will provide visionary concepts, new product development and product upgrades and redesigns.

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Technology Advancement & Prototyping Center

Gwalior Incubation Center supports in potential entrepreneurial opportunities to enhance the transformation of the Social and Rural innovation ecosystem. We operate sustainable services, advanced prototyping and rapid manufacturing center that provides customized solutions and new product developers, enabling them to translate their ideas and innovations to produce industrial opportunities toward a comprehensive ecosystem. Our team provides affordable access to advanced equipment, hands-on training and manufacturing space for hardware start-ups and small businesses. It is set up to be especially accommodating of prototype iteration and short-run manufacturing. Lease-free rental space is available for storage of raw materials, tools, and finished product. The valuable equipment in this limited-access facility requires a higher level of skill in its use, and has a higher cost for consumables and operation.

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Research & Development

Innovative research and development is the key strategy of our incubation center. With our deep understanding of various livelihood sector and various technologies across the organization, we will help startups to provide them with integrated solutions to help them increase revenue and productivity in a sustainable way. Our mentors will help you make your product customer centric by guiding you to conduct research on right parameters. Our mentors will help you to devise an effective marketing strategies around releasing a new product or an existing product with new features. We can help you to create innovative marketing campaigns that match the inventive products and increase market participation. Innovative new products or features can increase market shareby giving customers something they have never seen before.

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Upcomming Events

Gwalior Smart City Startup Conclave

A series of conclaves will be organised every six months with the basic objective to promote incubation in and around the region and also provide an opportunity for the local incubator members to showcase their innovation to the participants of the conclave. The conclave will bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, business model creators, consultants, policy-makers, academicians, support groups, and business practitioners to present and discuss innovation and success under the aegis of entrepreneurship.

Our Partners

We align ourselves with partners who share in our vision and passion for global prosperity through entrepreneurship. Our partners recognize the value of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the impact it has on global economic development, innovation, and accelerated change.