About Dreamhatcher Incubation Centre (DHIC)

DHIC is an Initiative of Gwalior Smart City Development Corporation Limited (GSCDCL) as a process of nurturing early-stage start-ups by providing them infrastructural, management, financial and networking support. DHIC provide support to start-ups in terms of Consultation, Business Plan assistance, growth acceleration, product prototyping, office space, infrastructure, mentorship and providing assistance in all stages of funding

Due to COVID-19, DHIC will not be operational till April 15, 2020

About Us

Dream Hatcher is a joint initiative of Gwalior Smart City Ltd., All India Institute of Local Self Government, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Innovior and Mobilepedia for catalyzing entrepreneurship culture in India. Developed for all young and passionate budding entrepreneurs, dream hatcher works towards incubating & igniting startups, eventually giving wings to entrepreneurial journey of young individuals. Dream hatchers has taken the initiative to provide entrepreneurs and startups their own co-working space for developing their ideas into real world products. Dream Hatcher is not just anincubation center. It’s a community of pro-active entrepreneurs with ambitious dreams. A dream of a bright future. A dream of a successful life. And we, at Dream Hatcher, provide our startups with all the necessary tools and guidance to convert dreams into actions.

Meet Our Team



Professional Services (Technical/Leagal/Financial)

Assistance in Intellectual Property Rights

Networking Support

Training and Bootcamping

Assistance in Company Registration

Co working/Office space

High Speed Internet

Modern Meeting Rooms



1-Serve as a catalyst among the government, private sector, and academia
2-Mobilize the different components of the innovation ecosystem
3-Define, manage, and coordinate the various programs and initiatives derived from the innovation and entrepreneurship strategy with different stakeholders
4-Solve existing problems; identified by startups.


D- Driven by ideas

R- Risk takers

E- Enthusiasts

A-Attitude to win

M- Motivated

H- Hardworking

A-Accomplishment of goals

T- Teamwork

C- Commitment

H- Highly Efficient

E- Efficacious

R- Realistic